Retail egg prices fell in February — but price drop may not last long

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Retail egg prices retreated in February, according to federal data issued Tuesday, delivering relief to consumers who saw prices spike at the grocery store in recent months.

Average egg prices fell almost 7% in February relative to January, according to the consumer price index, a key barometer of inflation.

A dozen large Grade A eggs cost $4.21 in February, down 13% from $4.82 in January, which was a record high, according to federal data tracked by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. The monthly decline was the first since September.

Why egg prices increased rapidly

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Lower prices now partly reflect a decline in consumer demand early in the year, which is a typical seasonal pattern, said Brian Moscogiuri, a global trade strategist at Eggs Unlimited, an egg supplier.

There also hasn’t been a new confirmed case of avian flu among commercial table-egg farms since December, giving suppliers some time to recover.

“Do we expect crazy, record pricing again? No,” Moscogiuri said.

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