This Carrier 2 ton 5-star inverter AC is the best solution to raging summer

Summer in India is unforgiving. In northern India, the days are hot and dry, and the nights are warm and unsettling. Temperature on some parts of north and west India can reach up to 50-degree Celsius in peak summer season. This can be a reason to multiple health complications. It is not possible to maintain a cool environment everywhere, but one can take care of the temperature inside the house.

The Carrier 2 ton inverter AC is the ideal product to keep your homes cool this summer. In this article, we take a closer look at the inverter AC, and see what features it brings to the table, what sets it apart, and why is it a good buying decision this summer. Get the best idea about the product, and the conclusion will help you get an overall understanding of the same.

Basic features

Capacity is a major selling point for any air conditioner. This Carrier air conditioner comes with a 2 ton capacity. This size and capacity is ideal for large rooms and homes. The cooling function is rapid, and can bring down the temperature of any room fast. The 6-in-1 mode allows you to adjust the cooling according to your comfort and preference. You can rely on the powerful compressor and the modes to have desired cooling irrespective of the weather.

Summer can be very harsh in India, and some people might prefer the air conditioner on most of the time. This raises the concern of skyrocketing electricity bills. The Carrier 2 ton inverter AC comes with 5-star BEE rating in 2023. BEE rating proves the energy efficiency of any home appliance. 5-star BEE rating ensures that you will be able to save electricity and money on a yearly basis.

Special features

Copper condenser coil

Everyone knows that air conditioners require yearly maintenance. This can be a tedious task if the internal components of the machine are not well-built and designed. The Carrier 2 ton inverter AC comes with Copper condenser coil that ensures better cooling. Along with better cooling, the coil also requires low maintenance. This makes the product durable and long-lasting.

Effective in high temperatures

Indian summers can be challenging, especially for people living in states like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh in the central part of India, where the temperatures can rise up to 50-degree Celsius. Not every air conditioner can work efficiently in this kind of dry and hot weather. The Carrier 2 ton inverter AC can cool even at 52-degree Celsius. This makes it extremely effective in high temperatures, and capable of providing relief in every home.


The Carrier 2 ton inverter AC is the perfect combination of powerful and power efficient performance. The high cooling capacity of the air conditioner makes it suitable for all households. You get a warranty of 10 years on the compressor, and the customer support is also proactive. You get the AC and be tension free for the rest of the summer.

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