Trump’s main competitor told what he would do about the war in Ukraine as US President

The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, considered the main Republican competitor of ex-president Donald Trump in the US elections, said that if he wins, he would not like to see American troops involved in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Source: DeSantis said this in the first Fox News interview after his nomination for the election, European Pravda reports.

Details: DeSantis was answering questions about what his actions would be regarding the Russian-Ukrainian war on his first day in office. He began by criticising the current state of the US military, saying the military has become “politicised,” “they talk about gender ideology”, and “global warming”.

Quote: “We need to return our military to focusing on commitment, core values and core mission,” DeSantis said.

In the second part of the answer, he said he would like to see a “settlement” of the war in Ukraine. At the same time, he emphasised that the American army should not be involved in the war.

Quote: “I would like to see a settlement of this [war. – ed.]. I do not want to see a wider war. I think it is absolutely unknowable what it [war. – ed.] will look like in January of 2025. But I would not want to see the United States with our troops get enmeshed in a war in Russia or in Ukraine,” the Florida governor said.

The day before, DeSantis submitted documents to the US Federal Election Commission about his participation in the 2024 presidential election.

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